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Posted: 7:12 pm

Movieland Wax Museum
Last weekend I got a chance to visit the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, CA. They have 100s of different celebrities made out of wax, all the well known celebrity and movie stars are there. It's a efinantly a good place to visit, if you are into movies, the level of details on those wax stars is amazing. Check it out if you are in the traveling in the area.

Posted: 3:16 pm

What's playing this week?
I love going to the movie theaters, this week the movie Bolt, Twilight, The Betrayal and Special opens in the theaters. The Betrayal according to online reviews is supposed to be a good flick. It's a educational/general interest film about United States involvement in Laos, during the 1973 vietnam war. I'm checking this one out for sure. Bolt is an animated movie, great for kids, I'll probably wait for it to come out dvd or I'll just watch it on my satellite dish when its comes out. Special is some drama flick, not really sure what it's about, so I'll probably wait till it comes out on dvd to watch it. Anyway, I'm going to watch some NFL now, talk to you guys later.

Posted: 7:12 pm

Found a guy
So I finnally found a guy of my dreams. He is handsome, smart, funny and he treats me well. To return the favor I buy him stuff at, the hot new deals for guys site.

Posted: 2:52 pm

Meeting Men
Does anyone know where to meet men now a days? Every where I look, all I find is losers. If you guys have some good ideas on where to find them, shoot me an email! Oh, and I would prefer white collar workers not some guy working for some rope hardware company.

Posted: 11:22 am

Real Estate
As you guys probably now I live in LA, around here the real estate prices have been hit pretty hard so I've been looking at Los Angeles Houses at to find some good deals.

Posted: 4:42 pm

I was bored the other day, and was browsing the web, found this cool new celebrities live cam site,, check it out!


Posted: 7:52 pm

online tonight with david lawrence interview
i was interviewed on david lawrence's "online tonight". we chatted about a lot of things, ipod-like interfaces on mobile devices, advertising, pocket pcs, robots, the geek gym. visit their site and listen (hour 2).

also, check out this month's wired article


Posted: 1:15 pm

pov shoes revisited (persistence of vision)... i made a pair of shoes last year or so that spell words in the air as you walk or run. i'd really like to find someone who is in the shoe world and see what they think, awhile back i wrote up what these are, how they work and have some video too.

video is down, moving servers.


Posted: 11:12 pm

Michael Serrimge departs from my band
a Dear friend steps in After 2 albums and several years of highs (and a few lows) surfing the world's couches together, Robb Surridge has decided to move on to other things. Though sad at the news, everyone involved with the High Lemmings wishes him all the best for the future. His contribution and personality will definitely be missed. Good luck Robb, we love ya! The High Lemmings will, of course, be retiring his number and raising his jersey at an upcoming show. Until a permanent new Jesus-figure/drum animal is found, the High Dials are thrilled to have old friend and celebrated drummer George Donoso III of the Dears lending his liver, energy and stylish chops to the rhythm section. Nice one

Posted: 3:04 pm

Okay Boss What’s up? Can’t Post this comment under Brett’s post

As long as it’s not [. . .] the filthy Red Wings

Grim - as much as I’d like for it not to be true, I don’t think you have anything to worry about; though as for a Canadian team - give the Senators their due - I watched Ray Emery in Juniors and he can be unbeatable.

Ugh. This is what I waited for two years to see

Brett - as a long suffering (and recently rewarded) Wings fan I can only offer this advice. The SCP are a cruel wench just waiting to rip out your heart. Do not succumb. Find other things to amuse you during the brutal two monthy journey. The best teams often do not even make the Finals. Let it go.

Now after I kick the dog, smash my fists into hard objects and scream to release the pent up frustration I hope to see a reasonable effort from the Wings tonight; however if they should lose (and it is better than 50-50 they will despite the vaunted “road record”) God Willing my life will continue.

BTW - most of this is convincing myself that “it’s just a game . . . it’s just a game . . ” I don’t evern like me after a Wings playoff loss. My kids know to givbe me a wide berth.

Go Wings !!!!!!!